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Welcome to SocialflyN, an online marketing Agency established in 2018 as a proprietorship Agency. We are a trustworthy and budget-friendly organization dedicated to providing exceptional services to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as startups. Our primary goal is to help businesses establish and enhance their social media presence effectively.
At SocialflyN, we understand the importance of a strong online presence in today’s digital world. With the rapid growth of social media platforms, it has become essential for businesses to connect with a massive audience to build their brand awareness and engage with potential customers. That’s where we step in.
As a profitable company, we have built a team of four talented and dedicated permanent members who possess a deep understanding of social media management, content creation, and online marketing strategies. In addition, we collaborate with three highly skilled freelancers who are available on-demand to ensure the best service quality for our clients.
Our vision at SocialflyN is to connect businesses with a massive audience, empowering them to build a strong social presence. We believe that every brand, regardless of its size or industry, deserves an opportunity to thrive online. Our dedicated team works closely with our clients to understand their unique goals, crafting tailored strategies that drive engagement, boost brand visibility, and ultimately generate tangible results.
Whether you are a small business seeking to establish your online presence or a startup aiming to accelerate your growth, SocialflyN is here to assist you every step of the way. Our comprehensive services encompass social media management, content creation, community engagement, influencer marketing, and online advertising.
Partner with SocialflyN, and let us take your brand to new heights. Together, we will navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape, connect with your target audience, and create a meaningful impact on your business. Experience the power of a strong social presence with SocialflyN today.

Our Team

Mrs.Neeraj Singh


Social Media Marketer

Mr.Rohit Sharma

Team Member

Sr.Creative Designer


Sales Manager

Field Sales Marketer

Mr.Vijay Singh

Production Team

Freelance Team Leader

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